What is Streaming

Basically, Streaming allows access to the whole of our Complete Gardens garden software program with it's 7,200 high resolution images to be delived to your PC over the internet.

Complete Gardens is believed to be the first garden software of its kind to use the latest internet technology to stream a vast plant database containing thousands of high resolution photographs directly to PC's with no loss of speed normally associated with servers or involve any download or instillation to the hard drive.

The advanced technology allows sections from the Award Winning interative 2,700 plant selector software with 7,200 images to appear almost instantly. You can search by name, colour, height, aspect, soil type and within seconds the best plants to suit your needs are displayed. If you then wish to learn about planting or pruning advice then this section is streamed seamlessly over the internet. Every time you go back to a section the information appears instantly.

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