Architecture in nature. Spiders

Architecture in nature.

This Crab spider has bent a blade of grass to keep her eggs dry.
She will guard the eggs until tiny spiderlings hatch and develop inside the cocoon.

Some spiders like this Wolf spider will carry her eggs under her abdomen as she continues to hunt.

Spiders made great mothers and will invest a lot of time protecting the young as there are numerous predators that would feast on the protein filled eggs.

One predator is the Ichneumon wasp.
The Ichneumon wasp will lay an egg inside the spiders cocoon using her ovipositor.

The egg quickly develops in to a larva which gorges on the spider’s eggs by piercing a hole and sucking out the contents.

The larva will eventually pupate.

Sometime later depending on the time of year the adult wasp will emerge and start the process off again.

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