Sex can kill (if you're a fly)

Sex can kill (if you’re a fly)

Fly fungus Entomophthora muscae.

There is a fungus that affects the behaviour of a fly by invading the nervous system.

The fungus infects the fly’s body but keeps the fly alive whilst it slowly takes nutrients from its host’s body.
The infected flies are "motivated" to find a window or suitable surface some distance from the ground like the top of a blade of grass.

There it will attach itself by its proboscis and are unable to let go and dies with legs, wings and abdomen extended.

The fungus then sporulates. Spores (Conidia) are dispersed by wind and rain infecting other flies. Or this pose could attract other flies that mistake the dead one for a sexy babe and try to mount it and in the process gets infected.

These photographs show a fly that has attached itself to a pane of glass and died.

You can see the sores on the glass.
It is important that the fly is high enough off the ground so the spores spread further and have a good chance of infecting another flies.

In the Amazon there are similar fungi that infect ants.

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