What is the big deal with blogging? Does it work? What does it do?

My first impression is it seems slightly narcissistic but now I've come to the conclusion that it's one massive integrated organism strung together by links. Those in the know will get a lot from blogging I'm sure whereas other it will enjoy passing on their thoughts and experiences.

My attitude to the point of blogs is changing slowly though. In amongst the vast amount of information floating about there are some real nuggets of useful information. You'll discover people with a real passion about a subject where you'll learn some interesting facts. There are usually links to other similar sites to glean further useful advice. I for example found a useful site on wild flowers with the Latin & common names and photographs. I wouldn't have found it if it wasn't for the fact that Philip who is a garden designer and has a garden / plant related blog http://www.landscapejuice.com/ On his site he has a photographer friend Richard Loader http://richardloader.typepad.com/atwag/ and from Richards blog as well as seeing some great photographs and articles I found http://www.british-wild-flowers.co.uk/ This is a really useful site for me as I have taken many wild flower images and now I can correctly identify and name them.
En route through the sites I have found garden advice, photography and other topics that are of interest.
My conclusion about blogs are: You can discover interesting characters with useful information and for me I like making use of my images yet my main goal is to raise the profile of my gardening web site and to promote my CD-ROM and the latest streaming technology so that people can access the data anywhere in the world. With the Worlds resources being used up at an astonishing rate, many people are now working and ordering goods on line from home. The people and Companies who realise the potential of the internet and blogging will do well and should be encouraged as this will help cut back on their carbon footprint. But as you're reading this blog you probably know this already.

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Richard Brooks said...

I think it all depends on whether the (ahem) blogger has something to say.

On the one hand I have seen many which reflect the Rudolph Hess (in Spandau prison) Diaries sketch by that wonderful Scottish comedy team, Naked Video: "Day 1 - Got up, got dressed, walked to the window.... Day 2 - Got up, got dressed, walked to the window..."

On the other hand, if the blog becomes a technological version of the old once-forgotten diary, full of cutouts of information and nuggets of wisdom then that blog will have use in the world community.

In truth, it's a matter of searching long and hard, finding the few blogs which one finds useful then sticking with it and giving feedback because the person running the blog cannot get a feel of what is right or wrong, then make adjustments to the direction of his beloved project if there is no-one out there to hail back.