4 seasonal colour

Let the Complete Garden Head Gardener software help you plan a beautiful garden with continuous seasonal colour and interest with unbiased advice on choosing the right plants for the right place.
If you don't know which are the best plant to grow, then our Head Gardener is there to advise whenever you need a helping hand.
British made, PC & MAC compatible database on CD-ROM. All the plants are selected to suit the UK climate.
You simply select any combination of flower colour, month/ season, height, soil type, aspect, Latin or common name and the Head Gardener finds and displays only the best plants to suit your needs.
Used by thousands of garden enthusiasts, garden design students and professional garden designers. This interactive plant resource will save you hours of searching and money by selecting only the plants to suit your needs.
You'll know which are the right plants to grow where and when they are looking their best
Irrelevant plants that won't suit your garden are not displayed
In-depth planting and pruning advice accompanies each plant

The British made PC & MAC compatible CD-ROM will find and display just the right plants to suit your needs and also show you how to look after them and when they need pruning.
Streaming allows you 24/7 access to your PC anywhere in the World

Save hundreds of pounds by knowing what to do
Buy the right plants for your garden conditions
Interactive planting and illustrated pruning advice
Free garden Forum to ask questions and share your expertise with others Updated web site with garden pests diseases and beneficial wildlife.
Updated web site with Jobs to do in the garden
Complete Garden plant selector & pruning guide encyclopaedia software for PC & Mac

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