15 garden tips to selling your property and plants to use

A nice garden can add 20% to the value of your property according to the Institute of Chartered Estate Agencies.
First impressions count, so having an attactive garden can be essential if you want to sell your property at the price you want.

We once had a guy who wanted to sell his property in August and asked if the plant finder and advice CD-ROM would help him choose plants that would be in flower or looking good at a time when he wanted to sell his property.
"That's exactly what the CD-ROM can do"
You simply select the month of August and click search, hundreds of suitable plants will appear. You can narrow down the selection by choosing any combination of colour, height and aspect. Only the plants to suit those new criteria will be displayed. This allows the user to find small plants for the front of the border to climbers for the pagoda or fences, hedging plants as well as colourful herbaceous plants for the borders.
This interactive search function works the same for every month, colour, plant height etc. It saves hours searching through books and websites

Spring is considered the best time to sell a property

With this simple advice he managed to make an attractive garden and got the sale price he wanted.
He's now using the same CD to find plants to suit his next property.
Making an attractive garden doesn't have to be expensive if you choose the right plants.

Having a neat colourful garden will give a good impression as it shows that you care about the property. It will also allow the new buyers to appreciate this outside room to enjoy when they live there.
Use colourful plants
Before a buyer steps into a house, they will have already formed an impression. A well-kept garden, pathway and fence are immediately appealing
Mow the lawn. Feeding it a couple of weeks beforehand will brighten it up and make it look healthy.
Trim the hedges
Plant some structural plants for year round shape and colour
Make good use of ferns and hostas for foliage colour and texture
Remove weeds
Prune shrubs and roses to keep then neat and tidy (especially if selling in autumn, winter or spring)
Clear away any rubbish and hide bins
Paint the front door
Paint the walls and windows if they look stained or dirty or have flaking paint
Clean out the gutters and fix them if they leak in the rain. A leaking guttering will put most people off if they arrive and it's raining and water can cause major problems to walls and foundations.
Check your roof and guttering, replace broken tiles and repair the lead flashing.
Make sure all exterior lights are working

Good Luck!

Each plant on the CD-ROM is relevant to the UK garden conditions and are accompanied with illustrated pruning advice to guide you through pruning your roses, clematis, shrubs etc.

The interactive plant finder CD-ROM contains 1,370 plants for spring colour.

Our suggestions for Plants for spring colour February, March and April:-
Adiantum ventrum for texture
Akebia quinata for texture and flowers to climb a pagoda or fence
Amelanchier laevis an attractive flowering shrub
Anemone blanda for dappled shaded areas
Betula utilis 'Doorenbos' for attractive white bark
Chamaecyparis lawsoniana 'Minima' a small slow growing evergreen shrub with yellow foliage
Chionodoxa luciliae small border plant with pale blue flowers
Choisya ternata 'Sundance' A medium sized evergreen shrub with bright yellow leaves
Cornus canadensis. A small tree with attractive foliage, flowers and has red autumn leaves - add height and seasonal interest
Erica x darleyensis - small flowering heather that comes in various colours
Euphorbia characias - various forms of Euphorbia that have attractive leaves giving colour and texture to a border
Helleborus - early, long lasting flowering plants that come in various colours - god for attracting bees
Hosta - attractive foliage plants that can also be grown in containers
Hyacinthus - sweet smelling flowers. Likes full sun
Ilex - Holly = attractive evergreen foliage in many colours - Good as boundary plant
Jasminum nudiflorum Bright yellow flowers
Juniperus communis 'Gold Cone' Slow growing, evergreen upright plant with an intense golden colour
Laurus nobilis. Good as a topiary plant that can also be grown in a container. Adds a touch of class
Leucojum aestivum tall flowering stems with white snowdrop like flowers
Narcissus = Daffodils that come in many colours -like full sun
Persicaria affinis. Attractive foliage and pale pink flowers that like the semi shade
Phormium. Sword like foliage for texture and colour
Pittosporum tobira 'Variegata' Delicate Variegated shrub with curly foliage
Polygonatum foliage and hanging white flowers
Prunus sargentii Flowering cherry
Rhododendron. Flowering shrub
Rosmarius - Rosemary a tough flowering evergreen shrub
Saxifraga - alpine flowering plants
Thuja - evergreen shrubs of various colours, good for compact hedging
Tulipa -Tulips
Viburnum early flowering scented shrubs - autumn colour as well.
Viola - Pansy
Yucca. Striking sword shaped leaves

Things that put people off a properties
Gnomes, Water features, pet graves,

For more plants and advice please see www.complete-gardens.co.uk

Complete Garden plant selector & pruning guide encyclopaedia software for PC & Mac

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