Masonay bee causes £800 damage to floor

Masonry bee.
Before I put up my solitary bee house, one Solitary Bee had used my overflow pipe as a safe tube in which to make her line of clay chambers which she provisioned with pollen and laid her eggs.
Whilst on a trip to the USA the system slowly filled up. Unable to drain out of the overflow pip the water dripped on the floor and on to my wooden floored hall.
Two weeks later on my return, I discovered that the hall way floorboards were warped and buckled. At a cost of £800 I decided to find a solution.
I’ve now put up solitary bee houses for these wonderful little bees.
The first chambers have the females. The males are positioned at the entrance. This means that if the nest is predated it’s the males who get eaten first.

Solitary bees don't have colonies so there is no risk of swarming. They are beneficial garden insects as they are useful plant polliantors.

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