Earn good income from you photography by using Image Libraries.

Image libraries are a very good way of making money from your images.

Image Libraries have contacts around the World and will monitor and agree the price and use of your images, which means you have more time to take photographs, rather than chasing clients and payment.
I use two Image libraries, The Photolibrary formerly known as OSF for my wildlife images, and the Scientific Picture Library SPL for my scientific work.


Image libraries usually earn 50% commission on sales.
I consider this very reasonable as they do a lot of work on your behalf.

The competition is fierce which means that only the best or unique images will be sold. This is good for everyone, as it raises standards and keeps the photographers striving to create better, more imaginative or informative images.

You’ll normally be asked to send in about 200 of your best original photographs to be assessed. Don’t be disappointed if the Library only selects a few of your images if any, as they will know what sells and which images they already stock.
The link shows some of my stock photographs which I have in the Photolibray. The foetus photographs have been used in magazines and posters (including the world wildlife fund) hand have earned several thousands of pounds over the years

The complete Gardens Cd-ROM web site has examples of my botoncal photography.
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