Funny card about the blogging

I saw a fantastic card which had two dogs talking about blogging.

One dog said to the other

"I used to have a blog but now I've gone back to pointless, incessant barking"

I've been advised by blog expert Tony Treasy that blogs are the way forward to raise your profile but I sometimes wonder if I'm just barking in the wind.

What are your thoughts about blogging plus I'd be delighted to see the ones you think are good?

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Richard Brooks said...

Blogs are great if the blog owner has decided what the blog is going to be and whether it is going to impart something to on-lookers but blogs are not the magic cure to all things.

Blogs can be to some, the modern-day equivalent to the 'holiday slideshow presentation' that many have endured in the past (but at least we can sneak out of the room in the dark).

Of course with Neil at the helm with his Complete Gardens reference as a great source, this blog is not one of those.

Now, I must re-visit Candy Dulfer's favourite site of Cats That Look Like Hitler! :-D