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Urban gardener: Computer says 'grow'

By Cleve West Saturday, 25 October 2008

A screenshot from the interactive Plant Finder & Pruning Guide from Complete Gardens
Some computer software that I have started using recently.

No please don't turn over, this is actually quite interesting.
As much as I resent any time spent in front of a computer, the interactive Plant Finder & Pruning Guide from Complete Gardens will actually cut down some time in front of the screen and benefit my clients too with much more informative plant lists and maintenance schedules.

There are 3,500 plants and 9,000 pictures on the CD-ROM with various ways of making selections (colours, conditions, flowering times, etc) that can be printed out (with notes, pruning and propagation advice, pests and diseases to watch out for) saving lots of time cross-referencing books.

I'm not saying it will stop me buying more books for my sagging shelves but as a work tool (my assistant Humaira will love it) it's brilliant and it's British so it won't throw up lists that will have you trawling through plants that will only grow in Madagascar.
I should tell you that it's not for the exclusive use of garden designers who don't know as much as they should about gladioli.

Anyone, amateur or enthusiast, who can click a mouse button can use it to make lists of plants in their own garden with all the information they need to maintain it.

And get this. Click on any clematis species and it will show you the correct time and method for pruning. Seeing as I know many experienced gardeners who are as rusty as I am on clematis groups and how to tackle them it's worth getting the CD just for that.

Of course I couldn't resist seeing if it had Gladiolus papilio. It has. It also has another six that, I must admit, are actually quite attractive.

Complete Gardens advice encylopaedia CD-ROM is both MAC & PC compatible

Complete Garden plant selector & pruning guide encyclopaedia software for PC & Mac

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